Start Here

Start Here

We need some free software to be able to write our games programs. Let’s get that all set up and working.

Quick Start

Write a Game in 25 Minutes!

See how easy it is to get started by writing your first game in only 25 minutes.

Learn to Code By Writing Games

Writing your own programs is great fun. But learning to code can be frustrating, especially at the start. You end up writing lots of small programs that show off a single coding skill, but that don’t do anything useful.

My tutorials teach coding by writing games programs, right from the very start.  You’ll learn all of the programming skills needed to be a programmer but each skill will be used to add the next piece to our game.

So, don’t waste any more time. Click the link below to get started.

Game 1 - Space Invaders

Learn to Code Space Invaders

The first game tutorial – Space Invaders.
No programming skills needed so jump straight in!

Game 2 - Asteroids

Game 2 - Asteroids

The second course is a rebuild of the classic arcade game, Asteroids. We’ll have to work out how to draw vector graphics and how to move and rotate points in 2D space. Lots of fun!

Snake - Code it Yourself

A Geginner's Challenge

If you’ve completed one of the beginner courses have a go at coding this one by yourself! I’ll guide you through each step but you can write the code. Don’t worry, I’ll also take you through my solution with full code after each section.

Game 3 - Space Commander

Game 3 - Space Commander

The second game is a full action space shooter. We’ll be delving into more advanced coding to build thinking enemies and guided missiles.