Learn to Make

When you combine electronics with computers you can make some fantastic projects. In these pages I’ll show you how to use and program small, single board computers which allow you to control and monitor real world electronics. Build  colourful lighting effects, motorised, intelligent buggies, handheld games, computer controlled robots. The limit is your imagination.

It quick, easy and cheap to get started so what are you waiting for! Pick a tutorial below.

Arduino Tutorials

Getting Started With Arduino

Learn how to use these great little microcontroller boards.

How to Overclock Your Raspberry Pi – Squeeze Out More Processing Power

Raspberry Pi I2S Sound – Add Digital Sound Output to Your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Zero Sound Output – Add Analog Sound Through a Headphone Socket and Speaker

Fix Sound Problems on Raspberry Pi Zero With GPIONext – Building Your Own Retro Gaming Handheld

Using GPIO Pins For Button Inputs in RetroPie – Building Your Own Retro Gaming Handheld

RetroPie on a Raspberry Pi Zero at 50FPS on an SPI LCD Screen With ILI9341 Driver

Fastest FPS on Your Raspberry Pi SPI LCD Screen – Make RetroPie playable on a cheap LCD panel

Increase the Frame Rate on Your Raspberry Pi LCD Screen – SPI based LCD Panels

How To Load Images Onto Your Arduino LCD Screen From an SD Card

Add an SD Card To Your Arduino – Setup and basic file operations

How to Unzip Multiple Archive Files in Windows 10

Arduino Bluetooth Control From Your Mobile Phone Using MIT App Inventor

Fix Your SD Card After Using It As a Raspberry Pi or Linux Boot Disk

Using AT Commands to Set Up Your Bluetooth Module : HC-05 and HC-06

Adding Bluetooth to Your Arduino Projects

Coding Games on an ILI9341 SPI LCD Touchscreen with Arduino

Calibrating and Coding Your Arduino Touchscreen

Basic Animation on Your SPI TFT Touchscreen and Arduino

Connecting an SPI TFT Touchscreen to Your Arduino

Getting Started With Arduino