Arduino Tutorials and Projects

Arduinos are small, single board computers that allow you to easily, and cheaply, connect real world electronics to a microprocessor.

They are based around ATmega microcontrollers which are full computer systems on a single integrated circuit. You can control devices such as LED’s, motors, servos, etc. and monitor switches, voltages, and other sensors, all using one of a range of compatible boards.

All the development software is free, and boards can be bought for well under £10. If you’re not sure if this sort of thing is for you, try it out for free using an online Arduino and electronics simulator – check out the getting started video for full details.

So take your making skills to the next level and click on a tutorial below.

Getting started with Arduino

Arduino Tutorials and Projects

Getting Started With Arduino

Connecting an SPI TFT Touchscreen to Your Arduino

Basic Animation on Your SPI TFT Touchscreen and Arduino

Calibrating and Coding Your Arduino Touchscreen

Coding Games on an ILI9341 SPI LCD Touchscreen with Arduino

Adding Bluetooth to Your Arduino Projects

Using AT Commands to Set Up Your Bluetooth Module : HC-05 and HC-06

Arduino Bluetooth Control From Your Mobile Phone Using MIT App Inventor

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Add an SD Card To Your Arduino – Setup and basic file operations