3rd January 2021
Games coding on ILI9341 LCD touchscreen

Coding Games on an ILI9341 SPI LCD Touchscreen with Arduino

2nd December 2020
Calibrating Arduino touchscreen

Calibrating and Coding Your Arduino Touchscreen

30th November 2020
Basic animation on SPI LCD touchscreen

Basic Animation on Your SPI TFT Touchscreen and Arduino

8th November 2020
The best computer language for beginners

The Best Computer Language for Beginners

23rd October 2020
Connecting an SPI LCD touchscreen to Arduino

Connecting an SPI TFT Touchscreen to Your Arduino

18th October 2020
8 Queen Problem

The 8 Queen Problem – Computer Science

16th October 2020
Getting started with Arduino

Getting Started With Arduino

8th October 2020
Learn to code Snake

Learn to Code Snake in TIC80 – Code Walkthrough

8th October 2020
Learn to code snake

Learn to Code Snake in TIC80 – Game Overview