3rd June 2021
how to overclock your raspberry pi

How to Overclock Your Raspberry Pi – Squeeze Out More Processing Power

30th May 2021
Add I2S Digital Sound to Your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi I2S Sound – Add Digital Sound Output to Your Raspberry Pi

27th May 2021
Raspberry Pi Zero Sound

Raspberry Pi Zero Sound Output – Add Analog Sound Through a Headphone Socket and Speaker

24th May 2021
Fix Raspberry Pi Zero Sound Problems

Fix Sound Problems on Raspberry Pi Zero With GPIONext – Building Your Own Retro Gaming Handheld

9th May 2021
GPIO Buttons for RetroPie

Using GPIO Pins For Button Inputs in RetroPie – Building Your Own Retro Gaming Handheld

3rd May 2021
RetroPie at 50FPS

RetroPie on a Raspberry Pi Zero at 50FPS on an SPI LCD Screen With ILI9341 Driver

28th April 2021
RetroPie fastest LCD frame rate

Fastest FPS on Your Raspberry Pi SPI LCD Screen – Make RetroPie playable on a cheap LCD panel

24th April 2021
Faster Frame Rates for Raspberry Pi

Increase the Frame Rate on Your Raspberry Pi LCD Screen – SPI based LCD Panels

9th April 2021
Display images on your LCD with Arduino

How To Load Images Onto Your Arduino LCD Screen From an SD Card