3rd May 2021
RetroPie at 50FPS

RetroPie on a Raspberry Pi Zero at 50FPS on an SPI LCD Screen With ILI9341 Driver

28th April 2021
RetroPie fastest LCD frame rate

Fastest FPS on Your Raspberry Pi SPI LCD Screen – Make RetroPie playable on a cheap LCD panel

24th April 2021
Faster Frame Rates for Raspberry Pi

Increase the Frame Rate on Your Raspberry Pi LCD Screen – SPI based LCD Panels

11th April 2021
Write your own Arduino image library

How To Decode and Display Bitmap Images Using an Arduino – Write Your Own Code

9th April 2021
Display images on your LCD with Arduino

How To Load Images Onto Your Arduino LCD Screen From an SD Card

4th February 2021
AT commands to set up your bluetooth module

Using AT Commands to Set Up Your Bluetooth Module : HC-05 and HC-06

30th January 2021
Add Bluetooth to your Arduino project

Adding Bluetooth to Your Arduino Projects

3rd January 2021
Games coding on ILI9341 LCD touchscreen

Coding Games on an ILI9341 SPI LCD Touchscreen with Arduino

2nd December 2020
Calibrating Arduino touchscreen

Calibrating and Coding Your Arduino Touchscreen