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Learn To Code

Learn To Code

Learn programming the fun way by writing your own games. Click the link below to get started.

Beginner's Coding Course

Beginner's Coding Course

Never programmed before? Start here and code a complete Space Invaders game from scratch by following my step by step tutorials.

Learn To Make

Learn To Make

Learn how to connect computers to real world electronics. Click the link below to get started.

Beginner's Level 2 Course

Beginner's Level 2 - Asteroids

If you’ve completed the Space Invaders project you’re ready for the next level challenge. Full vector graphics with real game physics and particle effect explosions. Get Coding!

Beginner's Challenge - Code It Yourself

Beginner's Challenge - Snake

Time for you to code a game for yourself. Don’t worry – full coded solution if you get stuck!

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